There’s No Place Like #StayHome: Week 6 – The Stress Bell Curve

Finding Work & Life Balance in 2020 …. Work:  We’re familiar with the long-standing “three Rs” of reading, “riting” and ‘rithmetic. Executives, consider another “three Rs” – that of “reorganization, right now, really?” Every individual and team is experiencing high stress and distress levels. A reorganization that might have made sense a few months ago […]

There’s No Place Like #StayHome: Week 4 – The Primary Importance of Active Listening

Finding Work & Life Balance in 2020…. Video conferencing and collaboration tools have long been available, however culture and processes are still catching up with the true potential. The current pandemic is shining a light on how mature organizations are at digital collaboration. Leaders who realize that these tools are not replacements for in-person meetings, […]