There’s No Place Like #StayHome: Week 6 – The Stress Bell Curve

Finding Work & Life Balance in 2020 ….


We’re familiar with the long-standing “three Rs” of reading, “riting” and ‘rithmetic. Executives, consider another “three Rs” – that of “reorganization, right now, really?”

Every individual and team is experiencing high stress and distress levels. A reorganization that might have made sense a few months ago (feels like several glacial ages since February) may now be nonsensical. People are clinging to available familiarity amongst the upheaval – colleagues’ faces on video calls, managers who understand family situations, the weekly cadence of a project. Pushing through reorganizations adds apprehension to angst.


It is leaders’ job to be mindful that we are all to the right of our normal place on the Stress Bell Curve. Don’t push people (including yourself) beyond Stretch into Strain & Burnout.

If you are one of the lucky businesses who are not shuttered, ask yourself – will moving people into different boxes in an organization chart help your company and customers through this pandemic? Look ahead a year from now – the reality you want then will be dictated by your actions today. If there is not a paramount business reason to reorganize, with heavy weighting towards employee and customer health, safety and satisfaction, then just stop that reorganization, right now. Really.


Signs go back to ancient civilizations, to indicate retail establishments in China, Greece and Egypt. Signs outside of homes are now common, displaying sports teams, political candidates, and yard sales.

In this disconcerting spring, signs of solidarity, appreciation and hope are sprouting along with daffodils in front of homes and businesses, on sidewalks and street corners. HopeSign

  • “Thank You Essential and Emergency Workers”
  • “We Are In This Together”
  • “We Can Do Hard Things”
  •  “Be Positive. Happy Times Ahead.”

What’s your sign?

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