Never Ready

“Perfection means not perfect actions in a perfect world but appropriate actions in an imperfect one.” R.H. Blyth

Your organization is not ready for that upcoming implementation. Whether a new employee portal, customer-facing mobile app, new product line – there are incomplete tasks, unfixed bugs, and/or unprepared support.

And it probably doesn’t matter if you delay the launch to address the issues. Complete readiness is never achieved. The trick is to ensure enough readiness for success, and not obsessing about perfection.

In the early, honeymoon phase of a project, goals and objectives are thought up and put down in a charter. They are probably lofty and on the edge of attainability. That’s OK, aiming high is a leading indicator of getting it about right in the end. Once you get to the middle, fraught, hair loss inducing part of the project, pull out the goals and objectives and translate them into pragmatic measures of a successful launch. There’s no set list of measures as every implementation is different; here’s some ideas:

  1. Is the product safe, secure and compliant according to applicable standards and/or regulations?
  2. Do the most used and needed functions of the product both work and perform? (Notice the “and” here.)
  3. Is the support center prepared to help with the most likely questions and issues?
  4. Is the supply chain ready to handle the anticipated volume?
  5. Are the customers ready for the change via training, marketing, whatever is appropriate for the audience?

Also, don’t forget management of post-implementation measurements and communications. Executives and key stakeholders will be hearing about the introduction; make sure expectations are set ahead of time as to how they will be getting prompt, accurate information.

Readiness is elusive. Progress is attainable.

“Don’t Panic.” Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Worth considering:

Delta outage starting 8/8/2016, attributed to a power surge, from which some systems failed over/recovered – and others didn’t. Delta CIO, you’ve got my sympathy and also….say it with me: #GotResiliency?

Can’t help but find the Olympics compelling watching. Athletes may get multiple medal chances. Preparing for the Olympics are mega-projects that most cities only do once, with a hard end date.


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